Bath Ancestors
Photograph of a page from a Quarter Sessions register, showing a sentence of transportation

Bath Ancestors

Did your ancestors live in Bath? Search our database to see if you can find out more about them.

The database covers the years 1603-1990 and contains over 76,000 records of people who lived in and around Bath, UK. Each record contains information from original documents held by the Bath Record Office. The records have been indexed and transcribed by volunteers over many years,

The database includes brief details taken from the original sources, usually enough to enable you to identify individuals. The original document will often contain further particulars - if you find relevant records on the database, you can order copies for a small charge. In some cases the information in the original is itself very limited.

You may also find it useful to visit the Bath Record Office main website where you can find descriptions of the many other family history records that are held.

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